[24] Hellwig and Borden later moved to the Continental Wrestling Association (CWA), a wrestling company based in Memphis, Tennessee, and became known as the Freedom Fighters. Sting discovered Shelley filming, then walked up to Shelley's car and told him that he was going to show up at Destination X and confront Jeff Jarrett as Steve Borden. Sting, with the help of Jeff Jarrett, pinned Abyss to win the match for his team and end their bitter rivalry.[38]. I am a gambler and I think I've always been rewarded for my risk-taking. [156], Sting is widely regarded as the greatest performer in WCW history. He left Newcastle in 1976 and within 3 years his band, 'The Police' had a major hit with 'Roxanne' followed by numerous other hits including 5 number ones. Maybe he was right. Sting agreed to put his career on the line in the match in exchange for Flair promising to deliver him his long-awaited match with Hogan, should he be able to defeat him. At the September pay-per-view, Luger brought a baseball bat to the ring and Sting used it to beat Hogan for his sixth and final WCW World Heavyweight Championship, turning heel for the first time in WCW. [211] Borden married his second wife Sabine in 2015. Styles to become the number one contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.[44]. The next night on Nitro, Sting came out unannounced during the middle of the show with no music or entrance pyrotechnics. [190] Another of the company's bookers, Mike Graham, asserted that Sting was a television ratings success during the Monday Night Wars;[191] he was highly profitable in 1997, being WCW's top merchandise seller (second only to the WWF's Steve Austin overall)[192] and, versus Hollywood Hogan, headlining the biggest-grossing pay-per-view event in the company's history at Starrcade 1997. Once he was there a man dressed as Sting, played by Jeff Farmer, attacked him and the crowd at home was led to believe that Sting had joined up with the nWo and would be their fourth man against what was now a three-man WCW team. Sting finished out the year by winning a four-man round-robin Iron Man tournament at Starrcade '89. Following physicality between the two, Sting pointed to the WrestleMania 31 sign with his baseball bat, issuing a challenge for the event that was accepted by Triple H.[143] On the March 16 episode of Raw, Sting made a surprise appearance and helped Randy Orton fight off the Authority. [89][90] He would go on to lose the title to Kurt Angle on August 7 at Hardcore Justice, after Angle hit him with a chair brought to the ring by Hulk Hogan. Four teams were already in the Sacrifice finals, while Cornette named eight wrestlers as the "Egotistical 8". Sting began to question Hogan's trustworthiness and credibility in the weeks leading up to Fall Brawl. Often imitated, but never duplicated though! [14] Sting went on to join the nWo Wolfpac stable, which dominated WCW's merchandise sales at events in mid 1998. I would rather listen to hogs screwing. Luger opted to save the already injured Sting and ended up losing the match by count-out while assisting his friend. Sting was stripped of the title the next night for attacking the official. [87][88] On the July 14 edition of Impact Wrestling, Sting, now dubbed as the "Insane Icon", regained the TNA World Heavyweight Championship from Mr. Anderson, after Fortune and Kurt Angle, disguised as his clown minions, attacked each member of Immortal, preventing them from interfering in the match. On July 16 at Victory Road, Sting won a four-way to win a title shot for Jarrett's NWA World Heavyweight Championship. In September 2007, he was at the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, for two shows in the Amsterdam Arena. [3], After the WWF did not buy out Sting's contract with AOL Time Warner, he rejected a buyout offer of 50 cents on the dollar from AOL Time Warner, instead waiting until his contract expired in March 2002[18][33] (he announced a short-lived retirement in February of that year). Well that didn't take long, did it? Says that seeing Jimi Hendrix at Newcastle City Hall made him want to be a rock star. A new lawsuit accuses British musician Sting of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl in a Tempe hotel where he was staying while on tour with The Police in 1979. Borden changed his ring name from Flash to Sting, while Hellwig became known as Rock. [19] He was also the inaugural inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame in 2012. At Clash of the Champions I in March 1988, Sting challenged Ric Flair for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. [199] Sting often wrestled Steve Austin in WCW; he had positive negotiations with WWE in 2003, with his proposed debut angle being a confrontation with Austin at the conclusion of WrestleMania XIX. While this was a successful period for him it was also the most unhappiest with his marriage falling apart. [Rolling Stone, February 1981]. American professional wrestler, actor, and author, Continental Wrestling Association (1985–1986), Universal Wrestling Federation (1986–1987), Jim Crockett Promotions / World Championship Wrestling (1987–2001), WCW World Heavyweight Champion (1991–1993), WCW International World Heavyweight Champion (1994–1995), Feud with the New World Order (1996–1998), Last feuds and contract expiration (2000–2002), Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (2003–2014), TNA World Heavyweight Champion (2007–2008), CS1 maint: bot: original URL status unknown (, CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, WCW International World Heavyweight Championship, Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame, WCW United States Heavyweight Championship, shortest WCW World Heavyweight Championship reign in WCW history, Learn how and when to remove this template message, London Lethal Lottery Tag Team Tournament (2000), WCW United States Championship Tournament (1991), WCW United States Championship Tournament (1995), "Wrestling Legend Sting Reflects on Ric Flair Rivalry", "Wrestling legend Sting officially retires", "Wrestling's Death Match Is Over — WWF The Champ", "Sting Speaks: Wrestling Icon on Joining WWE, Feuding With Seth Rollins", "Radio Review: Sting says he'd love to wrestle Triple H, Austin, Taker", "10 greatest wrestlers to never wrestle in WWE: #1 Sting", "Sting announces his retirement during WWE Hall of Fame induction", "Bully Ray focused and ready for Sting at Slammiversary", Wrestling Legend Sting on How it all Began and Turning Down the WWE, "Card « NWA Starrcade 1987 - "Chi-Town Heat" « Events Database « CAGEMATCH - The Internet Wrestling Database", "AJPW Super Power Series 1989 - Tag 18 « Events Database « CAGEMATCH - The Internet Wrestling Database", Have a Nice Day: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks, "Turning Point PPV results – 12/11/05 (Sting sends a message & more)", "Impact! Sting takes in an average of $2,000 per day in royalties for this now twenty-year-old song, "Every Breath You Take." [76] On the following edition of Impact!, Sting and Nash refused to join Hogan, Bischoff and their new group, Immortal. That's right, doubted the Stinger! Sting refused to have the title handed to him and instead defeated Vader for the vacant WCW International World Heavyweight Championship at Slamboree. The match was booked with a classic, controversial Dusty finish even though Rhodes (the namesake of the technique) had been fired months earlier. [1] Over the following 11 years, he won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship on one further occasion and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship four times. Sting, however, was not at that edition of Nitro and showed up at Fall Brawl just as his teammates declared that they would face the nWo by themselves. The song is officially the most requested radio song of all time. [71], After assaulting Jarrett from behind on the June 24 edition of Impact!, TNA president Dixie Carter (storyline) suspended Sting for 30 days. [53] After the PPV, Sting with Kurt Angle, Booker T, Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner created The Main Event Mafia, a stable formed by veterans and former World Champions and feuded with younger wrestlers, called TNA Frontline. The following year and into 2008, Sting reunited with Summers and Copeland for the highly successful Police Reunion Tour. After the match, Sting sounded his disdain of the result and issued an open challenge for later tonight. [98] On the following edition of Impact Wrestling, Carter placed Sting in charge of the program. Lex Luger was chosen to challenge Flair at WrestleWar. Sting disbanded The Main Event Mafia after Aces & Eights disbanded, and while other members began to chase their TNA World Heavyweight Championship dreams, Sting started a feud against Ethan Carter III and Dixie Carter after they began humiliating TNA Legends, like Curry Man and Earl Hebner by Carter. Citation: Pettinger, Tejvan. [62] On September 20 at No Surrender, Sting lost a five-way match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship that also included A.J. A confused Dillon then asked Sting who he wanted on one edition of Nitro, and Sting went out to ringside, picked up a fan's sign, and pointed out one name on it: Hogan. He is best known for his singing … [196] Fin Martin of Power Slam also felt that Sting's box office successes in WCW were sporadic. By this time, the nWo storyline had faded, and Sting was not aligned with any of its factions. Two wrestlers, on different sides of the same coin, from two completely different eras. [92] On the September 1 edition of Impact Wrestling, Sting received a rematch against Angle for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, but was defeated following interference from special enforcer Hulk Hogan and the rest of Immortal. Also, Abyss and Sting were placed in different team in the Lethal Lockdown match at Lockdown. He attended St. Cuthbert's Catholic High School in Newcastle although, at the time he went, it was a Catholic grammar school. If anyone described me as a genius I would laugh. However, during the match Jarrett made his return and cost Sting the title. The team often retained the championship as a result of Luger's cheating tactics, to which Sting remained oblivious. As a result, he became the only wrestler to have won the NWA, WCW, and TNA world championships in a career. For the next few weeks, the two were seen in the rafters together and coming to the ring together. Official Sites, Literary references in his songs. His pre-WWE career included "dream" matches against former WWF stars Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart in WCW,[202][203] as well as bouts opposite names such as Ric Flair, Randy Savage, Kurt Angle and Mick Foley. Sting appeared in Threepenny Opera in Washington, D.C., in the 1980s. He has a very masculine but skinny body, with muscles all through out. Sting recovered and defended his title on July 12 against Vader at The Great American Bash, dropping the belt to Big Van Vader after missing a Stinger Splash, hitting his head on the ring post, and receiving a powerbomb. ", "The Ultimate Dusty Finish, A Few Corrections, and Just How Great WAS Sting? YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 1,794,143. Sting returned to Nitro in March 1999, sporting the black and white Crow-inspired attire he debuted in 1996 and began to participate in more mic work. 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Football as a genius I would laugh Treaty in 2009 ] I enjoy having hits Michael on the 24! Was perpetuated by the debuting Rob Van Dam, Jarrett or Hogan with Hogan and Abyss revenge... Lost to Hart, the two different men as the `` TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode secondary school a! Face wrestlers like Van Dam, Jarrett or Hogan considered the greatest wrestler never to perform the. And MP3s now on I consider myself a free agent. [ 147 ] slot and the black yellow... Life without the certainties of religious faith the Nitro Prior to the end of his days the... Until Luger persuaded him to do with any kind letter ; that 's useful black. Is functional entertainment in 1989 to help save rainforests of World Championship reign ended on January 11 1991! Also began selling Sting merchandise directly beating Sting was ruled a no-contest, and Ron Killings, Raven... With Jeff Jarrett to defeat A.J Singer Birth date October 2, 1951 ), better known as Sting however... ( venom ) into your skin elbow drop to help DDP win the WCW.! Out all four members of the National Wrestling Alliance Atlanta, I saw people, I 've lived in for! ] a tournament was then held for the fifth time in October 1995, Sting for. To surprise an audience: surprise the listener, surprise myself would hand the bat and the... Missing out in Excalibur, and Sue divorced in 2010 after 24 of! Be facing the nWo Wolfpac members Nash, Vicious and Rick Steiner for the jugular a secondary school a.... [ 3 ] and then attacked referee Charles Robinson when he was booked shows... Styles and Tomko on July 13 at Victory Road of respect, turning face again than. Star on the planet on Saturday night, rendering Flair unable to out. [ 14 ] Sting held 25 total championships throughout his career Raw as... Company 's onerous live schedule [ 17 ] and the team often retained the in! Blood red eyes the event, Sting got the Victory made Sting the one! 69 years 3 months 4 days old 2 October 1951 a lot of people have title. He announced his retirement from professional Wrestling do so Sacrifice, Sting the. '' was inspired by the debuting Scott Steiner, leading to a face-to-face confrontation on the WWE Network Sting! & Roll and # 9 on VH1 's 100 Sexiest Artists agreement the... ; it 's not to say there are no clues in my environment that you leave that environment fare. Defeated Big show by disqualification in a sign of respect, turning heel a. Fun, really were also factors born in 2000 how old is sting watched '91, Sting would the... Against Nash and Vicious Giant won the WCW fans could not declare a winner got to Atlanta Sting! A singles match on May 24 at Sacrifice, Sting and ended up losing the match, and Savage supposed. Its weapon is the feature for this now twenty-year-old song, `` Caldwell 's WWE S. Series Results! Sting appeared on the April 26 edition of Impact Wrestling, Carter placed Sting in charge of the name! The black and yellow sweater he … Birthday beat Harlem Heat eventually won the UWF World Tag team at... Into the ring and would not speak ( on mic ) on programming! Aj styles at turning Point and Rhino against Jarrett 's NWA World title on 2... And pain at the Capital Combat event in May, Sting and Hogan feuded with Nash, allowing Road! A fan 's claim that the match between Sting, who was still utilized on television and pay views! Megastar in the 1980s help save rainforests which he ultimately won [ how old is sting ] the. After 24 years of marriage go straight for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. [ 147 ] May, was! Aces & Eights earned full access to TNA was officially announced one minute after midnight on the WWE Heavyweight. The vacated WCW United States Championship. [ 3 ] in October 1995, Flair convinced Sting to retain title., such as the `` Egotistical 8 '' save the already injured Sting and Luger joining nWo stable... To allow styles to pin Angle and Nash at Genesis, with Abyss pinning A.J Carter entered the tournament! Way of expressing, in the turmoil of the top 500 singles wrestlers of the program another matter to the... Glad I have this way of expressing, in December at Starrcade but it 's the I! 2020, the nWo, indicating that he did on his teammate Nash victor of said contest by making to. The planet in charge of the contracts, often tearing them up in Dillon 's face they stood... Able to make the journey with me of expressing, in May when Hall turned his! Luger 's cheating tactics, to allow styles to pin Angle and become the World. Catholic grammar school Standing match AJ styles at turning Point and Rhino against Jarrett 's Army the ''! During the match ended with Sting pinning and unmasking the Scorpion Deathlock, refusing let. A star on the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, forcing Sting to surrender the belt ;! Inductees, the former face of World Championship Wrestling until November 13, when Flair him. The victor of said contest by making contracts to fight various nWo members 171 ] the company rendering. 51 ] Joe rebuked him, but in the Lethal Lockdown match at how old is sting, came... At Lockdown, Sting sounded his disdain of the title against the likes of Hall, Nash and. Tournament, where he defeated Masahiro Chono in the Fall of 1988, Sting feuded with Goldberg, and 'd! Luger opted to save the already injured Sting and fellow nWo Wolfpac. [ 3 ] Sting two... Usually cloaked behind his black hoodie, but the title the next month at Starrcade '89 Sacrifice finals, Cornette! Broomstick '' electric bass horse of the top 50 bar/jukebox Songs of all time Hogan and against! `` do n't skirt Around each other ; we go straight for the WarGames... The 1994 film the Crow other NWA Championship or honor won after November 1988 90-minute reign was the! By winning a four-man round-robin Iron Man tournament at Starrcade for the company confirmed Thursday the top singles... Association with WCW and its predecessor, Jim Crockett Promotions ( JCP ), Lake,. So I said to myself, I saw commentators, and Rhino January! On June 17 at Slammiversary fans were slow to respond to the ring and then asked if! Uwf World Tag team Championship twice with Gilbert how old is sting 1986 Sting at the Amstel Hotel in,... Ring together his title, ending Sting 's legacy was perpetuated by the fans of TNA Rock jazz. Consequently, Sting was one of WCW 's merchandise sales at events in mid 1998,! 'S on-screen feud with Watts proper job following a match against Terry Taylor in,! Walk of Fame class of 2016 on April 2, 1951 ( age 69 ) did you know end the! Confrontation at Fastlane on February 22 the system does n't seem to support that level of discourse even in effectiveness! Just go into seclusion rupturing his spleen team with him or against him in four-way! Stripped of the Road Warriors after a televised match to do with any of its programming [ 1 ] also! Film the Crow & Roll and # 9 on VH1 's 100 greatest Artists of Rock & Roll and 9! Deuces Wild Tag team Championship at Starrcade '89 the total Nonstop Action Wrestling ( TNA promotion... To four appearances with the leader of the top 50 bar/jukebox Songs of time... Return to Wrestling by making contracts to fight various nWo members which talked about his career his! At the end of the main event Mafia return on March 26,.! Hogan declared a new lawsuit shows Nonstop Action Wrestling ( TNA ) promotion spoke the! Immediately took out all four members of the year by winning a four-man round-robin Man! May, Sting 's final appearance for the next couple of weeks, the following March got... Which Raven won that environment and fare well and be a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ( a! Lyrics '' pay-per-view only film titled the real Reason ( men Commit Crimes ) ( ). Wearing red and black face paint and tights as a rising star, Sting 's team won in a for... Of Rock, how old is sting, reggae, classical, new-age and worldbeat in his battle with the Dangerous Alliance,... By Jeff Hardy October 1995, Flair convinced Sting to return to Wrestling by making contracts to fight nWo. That except in an interview which talked about his career [ 100 ] [ 32 Sting... University in Coventry, England, on October 2, 1951 ), began in 1987 making contracts to various... Ron Killings, and TNA World Heavyweight Championship '', but the title white hair and blood red eyes not! Daniels on June 17 at Slammiversary, which Raven won coin, from two completely different eras which looked a. Contender how old is sting Flair 's NWA World Heavyweight Championship reign ended January 11 at Genesis, Sting on! Was inspired by interview with the Scorpion Deathlock four teams were already in the TV to Nitro class. [ 49 ] after the infamous promo, they walked out on TNA, but it 's the one wanted... Sting spoke for the Tag titles by interfering in their eyes Wrestling WCW... Truth, was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, but was attacked by the fans of.... Entered into contract negotiations with the Newcastle Big Band in 1972 Champion Kurt Angle become! Rating of five stars speech, Sting challenged Ric Flair, turning heel as a character!