Qigong – intensiv in Kroatien 2021. Our WhatsApp group is only used to share important and useful messages). All-Inclusive Online. It is all set for you to enjoy your stay and maximize your training experience. (one hour/day) When you feel confident with the Level I Qigong Routine, you may then practice other routines from the other intensives that you have taken, for your daily practice. © 2021 daohearts.com - The Harmonious Big Family - Zhineng Qigong China, Online Retreat: Level 3 Five Hunyuan Form (start: 10 Nov, 2020), Taiji Ball Online Training (100 days) – (start Dec 1, 2020), Super Ability Qigong Healing Online Course II (14-20 Dec, 2020), Intensive Mingjue Gongfu Training Online Program (start: 9 Sept. 2020), Mingjue practice is a way to awake our true-self and realize Yiyuanti, Mingjue Gongfu Training online program overview, What you need to join our online sessions, participants who want to learn, improve and deepen Mingjue Gongfu practice, and also, participants who want to become an International Mingjue Gongfu teacher. This is The Yi Jin Jing Health Qigong Online Intensive Training Workshops for Instructors and experienced practitioners. Beschreibung. (Individual Weekends and Weekdays available) Certification on Chow Qigong will be presented with completion of the course. After the Mingjue Gongfu training online program ends, teacher Wei will regularly offer free Mingjue Gongfu coaching online sessions for the participants of the training course. Enrich your understanding of Zhineng Qigong, Mingjue, true self, Yiyuanti, reference frame work, healing, consciousness. Mingjue is the level of pure consciousness that goes beyond all feelings, thoughts, concepts and emotions. The course will be starting on 14th November 2020 and taught by well known Professors Lei Bin and Li Rensong who are invited by Chinese Health Qigong Association in China. program may participate in 12 intensive Medical Qigong training programs, which complete the M.M.Q. (Individual Weekends and Weekdays available) Certification on Chow Qigong will be presented with completion of the course. Train your clear consciousness deeply merges with the whole qi body and form subtle inner space. The other way to receive Qigong Instructor Certification is through live intensive trainings which we hold periodically in different locations around the world. Document your own daily practice. Please send your registration to our e-mail address: (function(){var ml="tehc%0ao4m.qdr",mi="<67216=0485;;:379",o="";for(var j=0,l=mi.length;j